As the year winds down I can’t help but look back on all the things that have happened this year. I changed my brand from Panda Brew Tea to Calming Leaf. I launched this online magazine and released an my eBook “On White Tea.” It’s been a lot of fun and I can’t wait keep the good times rolling into the new year!

As fun as it was this year, I am stoked about my plans for 2019. I have some big news for you all.

Calming Leaf Mag TV is coming!

I am starting a YouTube channel that will consist of interviews, lessons, live discussions and more. The interview portions will feature different personalities discussing various topics over a cup of tea. I also plan to do shorter videos that will be more like mini lessons while steeping a cup of tea. It could be a history lesson, how-to or anything tea related. I am really excited about this because the sky is the limit.

I’m introducing the Brewed Rewards Program!

Now you can collect points with every purchase you make. For every purchase you make you will be rewarded with points which you can put to towards a discount. Making purchases is not the only way to earn points, as you earn 50 points simply for signing up, 50 points for your birthday and 25 points each time you share on Twitter or Facebook!

You can join my tea community!

Later in 2019 I will be building a members only community for tea lovers to have access to hard to find teas. These teas will be available to members only for 2 months before being available to nonmembers. Members of my exclusive community will also have access to special discounts, and many more benefits.

2019 Will be The Year of Tea!

My goal 2019 is to provide the best service I can for you. That’s always been my goal with this business, that and promoting tea to the public. However, I am particularly excited about what I have planned for 2019. I can only hope that you enjoy my tea as much as I enjoy serving you.

I wish you all Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year. I look forward to seeing you in 2019!

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