Out of all the countless drinks around the world, I have to say that tea is my favourite. I first fell in love with tea in 2013, in China.  My friends there had introduced me to various types of Chinese tea. From sweet white tea to green tea, to the more acquired Pu’erh tea. Cha, as it is called there, had enamoured me.

When I arrived home in Canada, in the spring of 2015, I had decided to share my love of tea with the world. I want to educate people about the benefits of this wonderful drink and it’s historical and cultural importance. It is the second most drunk beverage on Earth next to water.

I decide to sell a little bit on ebay and etsy, then I moved to my own website. But it wasn’t enough. Eventually I decide to take a break. After reflecting on what I wanted to do next I decided to give it another try. I just couldn’t give up on my goal. I wanted more people to enjoy tea.

Drinking tea has become an incredibly important part of my life and a great way for me to relax and refocus on the things I am trying to get done. I drink about 2 to 4 cups of tea a day. Depending on what time of the day it is, I will have different varieties. Black in the morning, green in the afternoon, and white in the evening. I also like to have a cup before or after I workout. I find it helps keep me energized and focused. And hydrated too. You can’t forget that.

I don’t believe there is a wrong way to drink tea. There is just the way you like it. A famous photographer once said that the best camera is the one you have. It’s the same with tea. The best tea is the one in your cup. Whether you want to perform the tea ceremony with finely crafted china, or brew up a cup for your favourite mug, it is important that you enjoy it your way.

When I live over in China I saw people enjoying it many different ways. There were the tea masters drinking the finest tea after ceremoniously pouring it, and there were cab drivers drinking it from a bottle that they would refill during their shift. Yet everyone raved about it equally. When I practiced tai chi quan in the park with my fellow practitioners, we would have a 2 litre jug of green tea for us to keep hydrated with. Nobody brought just water to practice.

Whether I’m keeping hydrated for a workout or relaxing with a cup over a good book, this is my drink of choice. I hope you will follow along and enjoy your tea with me.

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