My introduction to loose leaf tea.

Out of all the countless drinks around the world, I have to say that tea is my favourite. I first fell in love with tea in 2013, in China.  My friends there had introduced me to various types of Chinese tea. From sweet white tea to green tea, to the more acquired Pu’erh tea. Cha, as it is called there, had enamoured me. Continue reading “My introduction to loose leaf tea.”

+ Akita Super Sencha

Akita Super Sencha – A Super Tasty Green Tea

Akita Super Sencha

Akita Super Sencha

Akita Super Sencha is a a premium tea from China, made with Japanese style and standards. Tea was introduced to Japan by the Chinese many hundreds of years ago. This hand plucked tea uses only the finest leafs from camellia sinensis. Each leaf is examined for it’s colour, breadth and length to get an even grading. 

Cup of Tea
Cup of Tea

It has a character that personifies “mouth-feel.” Depending on how it is brewed it should have a greenish golden colour. I recommend steeping it for 1 minute to bring out the vegetative taste. You can get two or three steeps out of each cup of tea. 

I like to drink this tea in the afternoon or in the evening after dinner. One of my favourite things to do is put on some music, open a good book and enjoy green tea out of one of my favourite cups. As it gets colder this winter, I am sure I will be doing more of that. I recommend fantasy and acoustic music, but that is just my preference.

+ Loose tea

Loose leaf tea is better than bagged

Loose leaf tea had many advantages over bagged tea, among other beverages, and I believe to be a wonder drink of sorts. It has a cornucopia of health benefits, it is better for the environment and it is very versatile as an ingredient in both food and beverage. It has a long history and is the second most popular drink in the world next to water. I like to think that it is something that people can connect over whether they are participating in an ancient tea ceremony or having a post-workout chat while rehydrating. From the floral tastes of Chinese tea to the subtle freshness of a great Japanese tea, to the wonderful western blends, there truly is a tea for everyone. Continue reading “Loose leaf tea is better than bagged”